Hello and welcome to Java-monitor,

Java-monitor is the free, on-line monitoring service for Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss, Jetty and Openfire. We send you an e-mail when you server goes off-line. You can see trends in your JVM memory use, its garbage collectors, your UNIX file descriptors, JVM threads, database connections, Hibernate statistics and much more.

From here you can do two things: if you are not sure what Java-monitor is, you can read the information below and look at the live demo to see Java-monitor in action.

Once you are confident that Java-monitor is a useful tool, sign up and install Java-monitor on your servers to enjoy the benefits of this free service.

Also, be sure to check out the forum and join in the discussion about for example recognizing memory leaks, using Findbugs to find bugs in third-party libraries and resolve strange garbage collector behaviour.

Kees Jan Koster -- founder of Java-monitor

Monitor your Java applications for FREE.
Up and running in 5 minutes.

That's right: you can use Java-monitor's on-line monitoring service for free. Just download the probe, instrument your Java application with it and you are making use of this free service. Have a look at the live demo to see what features we offer.

Unlike most free tools, you don't even have to set up a monitoring server. We already have the infrastructure to do the monitoring for you.

Be up and running in 5 minutes. No configuration. No hardware purchase.

  Traditional Monitoring Java-monitor users  
  1. buy monitoring tool
2. buy hardware
3. wait for delivery...
4. install server
5. be monitoring...
down weeks (if you are lucky)
lots of money
5 minutes
no money
down 1. sign up for free
2. download probe
3. install probe
4. grab coffee
5. be monitoring...

To learn more about how simple it is to get started with Java-monitor, check out the installation manual.
Receive an e-mail notification when a server goes off-line.
Get help quickly with the integrated forum.

Or perhaps you prefer to talk one-on-one with a Java expert.
Java-monitor will send you an e-mail or SMS message when one of your servers stops sending statistics data. That way, you can rest assured that when a server goes off-line, you will know about it.

Users of Java-monitor are not isolated. When you have a question, Java-monitor makes it easy for you get it answered quickly.

Java-monitor's unique Kick-start service will kick-start your Java monitoring experience. Talk live to a Java expert. Ask questions and learn. The most personal way to learn how to anticipate and resolve Java server crashes.

  them them  
  Traditional Monitoring Java-monitor users  

To learn more about the Java-monitor community, simply go to the forum and join in the discussions.

Check your server status anywhere using any web browser, even on your phone.
Easily spot memory leaks, Hibernate session leaks and thread pool overflow.

On the road a lot? Working for different clients, on different locations?

Java-monitor is an on-line monitoring service. You can access the current status of your servers at any location, over the Internet. All you need is a web browser that supports JavaScript.

You can even check Java-monitor using your phone. No need to install special software, just open your browser and go to

Java-monitor collects statistics of you JVM's garbage collectors and memory pools. It also collects data on thread pools in Tomcat, JBoss and SpringSource dm Server. Hibernate statistics are also picked up, if your application server has been configured to collect them.

Java-monitor tells you what garbage collectors and memory pools are being used by your application server. The statistics are rendered into easy to understand graphs, so you can spot memory leaks and overflowing thread pools right away.

If you want to see this in action, check out our live demo.